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Your organization has made great strides this year!  Now it’s time to share your work with your community partners, potential donors, and future clients.  GRIDS can help you with that.

We’re always trying to find new ways to make good design more accessible to all.  We’ve created a library of pre-made report templates to make report design more affordable for non-profits.  We provide you with a content outline for your team to fill out, and then we put it all together!

Content & Consultation

With the upfront purchase of a template you get one free initial consultation.  If you’re having trouble drafting your content GRIDS can lead your team through data gathering, data organization and planning, as well as help you craft your message.  


If you need help honing in on the mission and the direction of your work, ask about our graphic facilitation and recording services.  We can visually map out your ideas, passions, strategies, and more.



4 page | $325

8 page | $425

12 page| $525

16 page | $625

20 page | $725


4 page |  $410

8 page | $510

12 page | $610

16 page | $710

20 page | $810


4 page | $500

8 page | $600

12 page | $700

16 page | $800

20 page | $900

*Sale prices are for nonprofits ONLY

Organizations interested in purchasing a report at the discounted rate must provide GRIDS with proof of 501(c)3 status. For-profit and non-incorporated entities can purchase these same design services using the January 2017 rates.

If you are interested in a fully customized report design that is unique to your organization, or if you’d like to commission a report that is more than 20 pages in length, please contact us for a free quote.