Half-Day Immersive Workshops

Five-hour hands-on design and research sessions that includes food and coffee.

The Infographic Wheel: A Design Tool for the People

5 hour session

Many professionals who work with data have trouble finding a data visualization strategy that is inventive, easy to interpret, and effective in communicating a complete narrative. Oftentimes, their data design repository is limited to traditional and overused graphics such as pie charts, bar graphs, area charts, etc. This tutorial focuses on breaking out of that normal and safe visualization space. In this session, participants will experience a detailed live tutorial of a new data design tool created by 2017 Adobe Creative Resident, Jessica Bellamy. They will also practice ideating unique information graphic layouts. Participants will be challenged to prototype a series information graphics using a wide variety of traditional, innovational, and underutilized layouts. Participants will have the support of the Infographic Wheel, which is a handheld design tool that was created in October 2017. Using this tool, participants can experiment with drafting a variety of data stories in a fun and fast-paced creative atmosphere. Participants will walk away with experience making information graphics that creatively illustrate space, time, recursivity, scale, hierarchy, accuracy, intangible concepts, physical characteristics, catalogs, and/or process.

Lunch will be provided.



Graphic Ally Hackathon

5 hour session

Become a Graphic Ally! Learn how to tell visual data stories to inspire policy change and mobilize information at the grassroots level. In this hands-on workshop, we will explore and apply principles of conscious and responsible design to a real-world infographic project. Topics covered are as follows: icon drafting, infographic composition, power dynamics in design, data framing, asset vs. deficit mapping, access to information, and grassroots design strategies. Learn how to map out infographic solutions for reaching and activating policy makers, people with resources, low-opportunity communities, and more. Participants will leave with an actionable list of design strategies, and with experience creating an infographic for a social change initiative of their choosing.

+ Bring a computer or device that can access the internet (design programs not required)
+ Lunch and coffee provided