Design Courses

Infographic Composition

120 min course

This session focuses on analyzing the compositional facets of information design and data visualization. We will discuss narrative flow, use of space, optimizing assets and icons, allegorical and analogy layouts, chart and diagrammatic design, and the specific nuances of designing with data that relates to any of the following characteristics: space, time, recursivity, scale, hierarchy, accuracy, intangible concepts, physical characteristics, catalogs, and/or process.



Optimizing Assets & Icons

90 min course

This hands-on session will help you draft a series of unique icons for later use. We will work on prototyping object-based icons, action-based icons, and conceptual icons.



Intro to Graphic Interviews

90 min course

A creative way to record and celebrate the experiences of someone you’re interviewing is to illustrate your conversation or create a data portrait. In this session you will learn tips and tricks for conducting a strong graphic interview. Participants will also utilize these techniques on each other.



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