Community Stakeholder Directory


The Community Stakeholders Directory (CSD) will be an online database comprised of spotlighted community stakeholders. The community stakeholder profiles will be cross-listed based on the location and motivation of the stakeholders’ work and interests (i.e. Smoketown Neighborhood, Food Justice, Victory Park Neighborhood, race based activism, immigration based activism, etc.). This database will serve as a tool to help enable real-estate and service developers (i.e. urban planners, city officials, urban renewal advocates and investor, service providers, and more) to get the community involved in the development of projects at an earlier stage.  This community outreach and engagement strategy endeavors to cultivate more authentic and equitable partnerships between community members and developers.


What is a Community Stakeholder?


A community stakeholder is a person who is passionate and has shown commitment to the welfare of a specific community and/or community issue that exists in Louisville, KY.  This person has shown her/his commitment to community by actively fighting-for/supporting an issue or neighborhood through work that promotes social, political, economic, and/or environmental justice.  Community Stakeholders listed in the CSD commit to being both a connector as well as a spotlighted conscious voice that acts as an asset of a community, rather than the sole voice of a community.