Design Agency


GRIDS was born out of the need to increase access to information at the community level around the country. We serve to better disseminate information, as well as create equitable perspectives of data. GRIDS, as an agency, works solely with nonprofits and community groups.

Teaching Studio


As a teaching studio, we lead workshops and cohorts that challenge creatives to grow their brave aspirations and engage in impact-driven collaborations.

Strategic Planning


We develop and implement participatory design strategies, communication strategies, community organizing initiatives, and data planning measures.



We focus on creating conscious and responsible design, and inspiring mindful collaborations between creatives, research analysts, geographers, designers, community organizers, activists, and more.

We challenge creatives to grow their brave aspirations.
“The design industry is such a powerful force. Designers have an opportunity to use their talents to create and support mindful, authentic narratives featuring unconventional and underrepresented perspectives and faces.” 
-- Jessica Bellamy
GRIDS Founder and Executive Director